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HI-Q hostels ideal for group travel

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HI Quality – across the world Although your group trip budget may be somewhat limited – that doesn't mean the quality of your hostel has to be too. Your group's experience is held above all else as the most important thing to us – so to make sure it’s as perfect as it can be we've put together a truly unique quality management system called HI-Q. HI-Q puts all of the focus on ensuring that we deliver the highest possible standards and constantly strive to improve the ways in which our hostels are managed, run from day to day and maintained over time. So, what does that mean? The whole process starts by working closely with ‘best practice’ procedures from countries all around the world and individually tailoring each of them to the specific requirements of group hostels – to ensure that the delivery of service and standards in our group accommodation is improving with each and every day. We do this by making sure our staff are all fully trained, by diving deeper into your groups specific needs and individual wishes, making the reservation and booking process simple and easy and helping you and your group with planning every little aspect of your trip. With these steps we can be sure that we offer true HI quality to the whole hostelling community. HI-Q follows our certification of hostels all the way down to the tiniest, finest detail – right from your first steps into the hostel reception and the welcome you receive to listening intently to your feedback, keeping our kitchens, bedrooms and common rooms sparkling clean, providing an array of fun activities for your group to enjoy and making sure all HI staff work together as a team to keep your group happy, satisfied and busy on your adventure. Hostelling is your adventure, but HI-Q is a journey for us too At HI we want to make sure that we always go that extra step further to ensure that you and your group enjoy a truly high quality stay with us and have the best travel experience possible. We are constantly striving to improve our accommodation and service in any way we can and to tailor everything we offer to the individual needs of your group trip. Our HI-Q measurement system is now fully integrated into nearly 50 of our HI country associations around the world, with over 500 group hostels now proudly HI-Q certified. Take a look through our list below detailing all of our fully HI-Q certified hostels and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the HI-Q logo when booking your next group trip!